Are your parts 3D printed? 

-Yes! Some of our products are printed layer by layer via a small farm of modified Makerbot 2Xs in ABS plastic. Others are made from an injected high temperature urethane resin.  

How strong is this ABS? 

-Well...throw it, hit it, twist it, chances are you aren't going to break it. If you do manage to break it, let us know. Don't take this as a challenge however.....

Plastic melts, won't these melt from the heat of the HID bulbs? 

-Nope. While 35 watt HID bulbs do produce a good bit of heat, we have done a lot of testing to see if they will indeed melt. The metal center plate insulates most of the extreme heat from the rest of the mount. The deformation temperature for our variant of ABS is ~235°F. 

What about the metal parts?

-Oh those......The metal centers on the mounts are made of 316 Grade Stainless. They are cut out via a very expensive Waterjet. While we love the idea of 3D printing metal, the technology isn't there just yet.  

You say 35 watt HIDs? Can I use 55 watt HIDs? 

-Maybe. The Morimoto projectors we utilize in our designs were made for 35 watt HIDs, but can be used with 55 watt setups as of late. We however have not conducted any testing with a 55 watt setup, it's overkill.  

 I just placed my order, when do they ship? 

-Please allow up to 7 business days for your order. We only keep only a handful of pre-made sets around and they sell quickly! After that we make each as the order rolls in.  

Where are you guys located?

-We are based out of Austin, TX, right on the Bull Creek Greenbelt. Our shipping zip is 78759.

I have some other questions, how can I contact Squared Motorwerks?

-Please send us an email at info@squaredmotorwerks.com. If you would like a phone response, include your phone number and we will give you a ring!