Euro Hella V3

$ 340.00

You know what's the one thing folks never think about when compiling their dream list of modifications? Their headlights. Specifically their horrible (but handsome) dated 1980s lighting technology headlights. Smilies look cool, but have you seen their cut off? It's useless (for real though, go look here). The cutoff is dull, dim, and in a "V" shape (because #Europe). It's silly. Further, the reflector housings are made from plastic. You know what plastic doesn't like to come into direct contact with? Heat and the HIDs people love to install in Smilies makes a butt-ton* of it (resulting carnage pic). Plus you know, HIDs in Halogen setups are a general no-no because the optics aren't designed for such a setup (it didn't exist in 1988!!!!!). 

Our Bi-Xenon Adaptation Mounts allow the easy retrofit of modern automotive lighting into your Classic BMW E30, E32, E34, E24 or E28. Stop driving with 80s flashlights. Get Squared. 

And now here it is! The latest and greatest of our most popular variant. 

Improvements Include:

  • Tweaks to the Geometry
  • Solid Two-Piece Design 
  • Higher Heat Tolerance (55% increase from Ver. 2.0) 
  • Stronger, more durable design 

Included in the Kit:

  • LHD Morimoto Mini H1 8.0 Projectors 
  • 1 Set of Adapter Mounts of your choosing  
  • Installation Hardware  
  • Morimoto Bulb Holders

Required separately to complete:

  • 35 watt HID bulbs and ballast 
  • European Specification Headlamps 
  • Standard Hand Tools 
  • Rotary Tool such as a Dremel 

**This Product has a 3-4 Week lead time from placing your order.**


Note: HID parts are fulfilled separately from your mount order. Please expect two packages after receiving your "shipped" email notification. Carrier and Supplier COVID-related delays may occur and are out of our control at this time. We will try our best to make it so you are only waiting on the mounts and not the HID parts to complete your setup. If you have lead time concerns, please contact us directly! 


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